Opening up to the Vaccinated only?

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Opening up, to the Vaccinated only, may not work as well as many think.

From a UK report on Covid-19 Vaccinations.

Individuals who have had two vaccine doses can be almost as infectious as those who have not been jabbed.

Fully vaccinated, even with no or few symptoms, the chance of them transmitting the virus to other unvaccinated housemates is about two in five, or 38%.

This drops to one in four, or 25%, if housemates are also fully vaccinated.

Vaccines do an excellent job of preventing serious Covid illness and deaths, but are less good at stopping infections, particularly since the emergence of the more infectious Delta variant which is dominant in the UK.

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People who are double jabbed have a lower, but still appreciable, risk of becoming infected with the Delta variant compared with unvaccinated people.

The one advantage is that vaccinated people clear the infection more quickly.

But, their peak viral load – when people are most infectious – is similar to that seen in unvaccinated people.

This may explain why they can still readily pass on the virus in household settings.

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