Overseas Online Marriages for Australian Visa

Can you get married over the Internet?

It seems that some people, during the COVID pandemic, are having online only marriage ceremonies.

These are now legal in a few places, but some have more restrictions than others.

Most require at least one of the couple to reside in the state or country of marriage.

At least one does NOT have that restriction, the US State of Utah.

A migration agent in the Philippines is reporting that some Australian/Philippine couples, separated by COVID, are marrying in that way, and then getting visas to enter Australia.

That agent is not involved in the wedding arrangement at all, but just provides some information for people to do it themselves.

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They obviously hope you will use their services for the visa application afterwards, and I feel that for such a wedding, it might actually be of benefit to the couple to use an agent with such experiences.

Online Weddings for Australian Filipino Couples and Partner Visa Applications

That link is to an Australian Immigration agent that lives in, and has an office in, the Philippines.

They say the following, at their Online Wedding Page

  1. Spouses of Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents may apply for exemptions to the current travel bans which would otherwise prevent them from entering Australia.
  2. Online weddings are legal in the US State of Utah.
  3. Utah are happy to marry non-US Citizens and non-US residents! So neither the bride nor groom needs to live in the US!
  4. Australia, under the Marriage Act (Cth) 1961, recognises weddings that were legally solemnised in the US, just as it does marriages which take place in the Philippines or most other countries.

Australia: Going overseas to get married www.smartraveller.gov.au

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