Petition – Make tiny house living legal

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Petition EN2793 – Make tiny house living legal.

This is a petition that has been put forward to the Australian government to request that living in Tiny Houses on wheels, the same as living in a Caravan, be treated as a Permanent structure would be treated.

Currently, the rules for a Tiny House on wheels, are set by the State Road Transport Authority.

Petition Reason
Australia is the 4th highest price per square metre to income ratio in the world. Over 3.4 million Australians live on or below the poverty line and the availability of affordable housing is diminishing faster than ever before. People with housing security are beneficial for the economy all round. Reclasifying tiny houses as permanent residence will create jobs and inject cash flow in to the national economic purse.

Petition Request
We therefore ask the House to amend the law to make living in a tiny house on private land legal for owners and renters as a permanent primary residence. Without prosecution or the need to vacate or move at any time.

Issued to be considered:
Some councils do allow for Tiny houses with wheels to be considered permanent.

However, normally Permanent means Permanent. Having wheels is clearly not Permanent. Having a tiny house built without wheels, ie: one that is not built on a trailer, would be Permanent.

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Tiny houses without wheels:
If you’re building a permanent dwelling, you’ll need a building permit and possibly a planning permit, as you would with a bigger house, as well as other approvals depending on the zoning in your local area

Tiny houses with wheels:
Tiny houses on wheels aren’t considered permanent dwellings. They come under the rules for caravans, which are basically the same.

The Petition is at:

As at 23 June 2021 this petition has had 10 signatures and expires on 21 July 2021.

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