Public Hospitals in Crisis

Australian Public Hospital Crisis.

The “Public Hospital Cycle of Crisis” basically says that the whole system is choked up.

It really shows that there’s a really frightening picture of where the projections are going now and what is going to happen from here.

The hospitals don’t look just after COVID and don’t look after just things from emergency. They look after other care, like surgery- other surgery, elective surgery, cancer care, care for other people …

With the increase in Covid-19 cases expected after opening of borders, other patients are not going to be to get elective surgery or the other surgery treatment you need, or it’s going to be delayed.

So that means four per cent of people can’t get the care they need. That’s about 300,000 admissions a year.

The scary bit is that COVID’s going to add another layer to this.

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The Doherty Institute modelling, which serves as the prime minister Scott Morrison’s roadmap for relaxing border restrictions and lockdowns, is also premised on a jump in cases once restrictions are eased.

When lockdowns are eased, the Doherty modelling says there will be 385,000 cases and 1,457 deaths in the following six months – and that is predicated on much lower case numbers at the time of the relaxation.

Hospitals may not cope with those higher numbers, and non Covid cases will pay the price.


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