Rates of Myocarditis after Pfizer

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Numbers of Myocarditis after Pfizer Vaccine.

According to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), the likelihood of developing myocarditis or pericarditis after an mRNA vaccine remains exceedingly rare.

Australian figures at 14 November 2021, showed there had been 329 reports of likely myocarditis from approximately 23.4 million doses of Pfizer and 978,000 Moderna doses.

A further 592 cases have been identified as ‘suspected myocarditis’.

There have also been 1,370 cases of suspected pericarditis only.

The number works out at 2.1 cases per 100,000 vaccine doses.

The rates, broken down by age group, are shown here:

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Rates of myocarditis cases

Source: racgp.org.au

What is Myocarditis?

Myocarditis is usually caused by a viral infection. A severe case can weaken the heart, which can lead to heart failure, abnormal heartbeat and sudden death.

3.1 million cases of myocarditis were diagnosed worldwide in 2017 (statistics posted in Lancet, November 2018)

The majority of cases of myocarditis have no symptoms and are not diagnosed.

Source: www.myocarditisfoundation.org

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  2. Fact Check- Are most cases of myocarditis, after COVID-19 vaccines, not irreversible?

    Medical experts, on the basis of evidence so far, disagree with claims made on social media that myocarditis following the COVID-19 vaccine is irreversible.

    Social media claims that “over the years,” many children diagnosed with myocarditis will die are unfounded, representatives from the Myocarditis Foundation say.

    Reuters Fact Check

    One social media report says:
    Dr. Anthony Hinton (‘Consultant Surgeon with 30 years experience in the NHS’) points out that myocarditis has a 20% fatality rate after 2 years and a 50% fatality rate after 5 years.

    Mr Tony Hinton is an independent private consultant ENT Surgeon at New Victoria Hospital, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, United Kingdom. He is no longer with the NHS.

    New Victoria Hospital is aware of the views of Tony Hinton concerning aspects of the treatment and management of Covid-19 as expressed through his social media feeds and appearances in the press. New Victoria Hospital does not endorse these views, which are entirely those of Tony Hinton. It is the position of New Victoria Hospital to support the guidance and mandates from NHS England and the Government in this matter.

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