The Army on the Streets of Sydney?

Is the Army really enforcing the Streets of Sydney?

This is one headline:

Australia to deploy troops to enforce Sydney lockdown.

But watching this on Television, we see the army personnel standing back while the police officer, that they are partnered with, deal with the public. The army seem to be just there as an extra person to ensure police officers are not alone.

Other army personnel were seen helping others to pack food parcels for those that are isolated in their homes.

Not exactly the Army enforcing anything.

NSW Police commissioner, Mick Fuller, said “We can double the amount of COVID-19 compliance checks we do in a day by putting a police officer with a member of the Australian Defence Force.”

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About 300 unarmed Defence personnel will begin assisting New South Wales Police across Sydney’s COVID hotspots, from Monday, 2nd August 2021.

Armed forces personnel can be paired up with police officers in the eight local government areas of concern, where residents must be staying home.

In effect, instead of 300 police officers working in pairs, there will be 600 personnel being able to do twice as much in a day.

Army personnel are very used to doing as they are told, following orders, and they will be doing just that,  following the orders of the police officer that they are paired with.

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