What is a VEVO?

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What is a VEVO in Australian Immigration?.

A VEVO “Visa Entitlement Verification Online” check shows the visa details and conditions associated with a particular visa holder, such as work or study rights.

With the permission of the visa holder, Australian employers can conduct a VEVO Visa Details Check to confirm the visa details and conditions of employees.

All Australian Employers are strongly encouraged to conduct a VEVO Visa Details Check on any non Australian employee, as it is a criminal offense to hire illegal workers in Australia.

Employers who hire, or refer workers without the right to work, face serious penalties including fines or imprisonment.

A VEVO check for a Permanent Visa may look like this:

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From the above VEVO information, the employer can see that the applicant holds a Permanent Resident Visa, and has full working and study rights.

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