Where are Subclass 801 Grants Processed?

Where are Subclass 801 Grants Processed? Are they all done in Australia?

I often see people talking about the processing location of various visa grants, and the subclass 801 Permanent stage of the Onshore Partner Visa was of particular interest.

These applicants have been in Australia normally for at least 2 years before submitting the 801 stage of their partner visa. Some of them many more years; 3, 4, 5 years or even more.

I had assumed that the 801 would all be processed in Australia. But I assumed wrong.

An example of how varied the processing can be:

Of the 1,972 British Citizens who had a subclass 801 visa granted between July and November 2021:

  • 979 were processed in Melbourne.
  • 175 were processed in Guangzhou.
  • 149 were processed in Brisbane.
  • 147 were processed in Shanghai.
  • 130 were processed in London.
  • 392 were processed in 15 other countries, including 157 finalised in Jakarta, Manila and New Delhi.

Where are Subclass 801 Grants Processed? Where was your subclass 801 processed?

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