Who called from 0427 881 033

Who called from 0427 881 033

Text messages and Calls from unknown numbers are causing many problems with either scams or viruses being downloaded onto mobile phones.

I have been receiving many text messages with links recently. These are commonly called FluBots, and if you click the link, your phone could be infected, and all your details taken.

Most mobile service providers will give information to help recover from some of these issues, such as this:

This lead to my question “Who called from 0427 881 033?”

The answer is; I don’t know, but they included a link for me to click on and see if I can get free solar, and another link to stop them sending me future messages.

Either link COULD lead me to infections, or scams to get my details.

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They do not say who they are, and the link is not a sensible one to a named website, just 2 letters and one number followed by .co
Not [.com.au] or even just [.com]

I consider this be suspicious, and would not click either link.

Probably best to just block the number.

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