Who Called From 0430 543 006

Who Called From 0430 543 006

I get too many scam calls these days, but some unknown numbers I do answer, just in case.

This caller knew my first name, and it turned out he was calling to try to sell solar panel installations.

Quite polite, and didn’t waste much of my time. Only 48 seconds.

He said he was from Global Services.
He asked if I had solar panels. I said yes.
He asked if that was for Electricity or Hot Water. I said Electricity.
He said thank you, and ended the call.

Saying he was from Global Services meant nothing as far as I can tell.
Probably just a cold call telephone service.

I am quite happy with my three year old, 3kW Sungrow Inverter and 12 Znshine 270 Panels giving me 3.24kW capacity.

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But, I should have gone for a 6kW system.

I had this System installed in late August 2018.
It cost me $2,290, and, as at 30th June 2021, I have recouped $2,206 in savings from the system.
By the end of August 2021 it will be fully paid off, near enough 3 years after I bought it.

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