Who called from O472 542 796

Who sends Texts from O472 542 796

This was a text message using an Australian mobile number, trying to get me to visit a Russian website.

The text message was:

New delivery * restrictions: we /’6′ could not deliver your parcel http [URL removed]

It included a web address URL to go to. This web address was in Russia.

It did not end with .com.au or .com, but with .ru

.ru is the code for Russian websites.

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Some commercial organisations in Russia will use .com.ru

It has to be a scam to maybe infect your device, or obtain your personal details, as the number that the message was sent to is not used to order anything, and does not expect any deliveries.

Few people would be ordering anything from Russia anyway.

0472 542 796

Is 0472 542 796 a scam?

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