Working as a Nanny in Australia

Over the last few years I have come across quite a few people asking about the options on working as a Nanny in Australia, and I never recall where the right info is to answer them, so this page is now where I will find it in future, together with anything added by any readers that may find this page.

A Current First Aid Certificate is normally required for positions of this type.
Some examples of these certificates can be seen at this Red Cross Website:


  • Nanny Australia – is a Nanny Agencies based in New South Wales and established in 2005.
  • We Need a Nanny – This is NOT an agency, but a database of people wanting Nannies, and Nannies wanting placements.
  • Seek -Nanny and BabySitting jobs advertised on the job website.
  • Bella Bambini – A Nanny Agency in Brisbane, Queensland
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