1918 Spanish Flu and Social Distancing.

The 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, killed about 15,000 people in Australia.

The 2029 COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t hit Australia as bad,  but it is still killing people.

One hundred years ago the government brought in travel bans and quarantine rules.

Cinemas were closed and festivals were cancelled. Shops also brought in social distancing measures, although that ‘wording‘ may not have been used.

Overall,  not that much different to this years rules, in 2020.

One thing from 1918 that MUST be considered was their early relaxation of “social distancing“.

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The numbers of cases began to reduce, so people became confident that they were safe, and began to go back to normality. Unfortunately, this caused cases to rise again, lengthening the overall time of the crisis, with many more deaths.

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