3 Minute Garlic and Herb Bread

Garlic and Herb Toast

A quick way to get some  Garlic and Herb Bread, using an Air Fryer, but the larger oven type.

  • A Stick of Bread, sliced as needed.
  • Mainland Spreadable Garlic & Herbs (On special 225g for $2.60)
  • 3 minutes cooking time at 190°C (For other countries: 190°C is 374°F)

Garlic Herb Bread in 3 minutes

Garlic Herb Bread in 3 minutes

I used the Healthy Choice 23 Litre Air Fryer Oven.

I often wonder if an Air Fryer Oven really is an Air Fryer.
To me it is just a mini oven, that takes no time to warm up.

At most I would have it turned on for one minute before putting the bread, with the Herb and Garlic butter spread, into it. The bread was ready in 3 minutes. The first time, when I did it for 4 minutes, it got a little to overdone.

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Is a Fan Assisted oven an Air Fryer?

A statement on choice.com.au is: “An air fryer is basically a small benchtop oven with a fan and an element, <…> It essentially works in the same way as a fan-forced oven“.

Healthy Choice 23 Litre Air Fryer Oven

The Healthy Choice 23 Litre Air Fryer Oven is priced at up to $250, but I am always looking out for bargains.  I got mine a year ago for  $99.95 delivered.  I just saw exactly the same model today for $85 with free delivery.

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