Australian Home Quarantine from November 2021.

Who is eligible for Australian Home Quarantine from November 2021?

Australia is expected to partially re-open its international border from November 2021, but only for Australian Citizens and permanent residents.

To enable the travel restrictions, on Australians and permanent residents to be removed, depends on their eligibility for home quarantine for vaccinated Australians or permanent residents.

Travel restrictions will remain in place for anyone where hotel quarantine still applies. And the numbers will still be restricted by the allocation of hotel quarantine places, or other suitable alternatives.

Queensland, for example, is currently building two 1,000 bed quarantine facilities near two airports.

Home quarantine will only be available to a selected group of travellers.

1) They must be Australian Citizens or Australian Permanent Residents.

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Anyone else is currently allowed to LEAVE Australia without restriction, but may be unable to return from their home country, to Australia.

2) Their state must have reached the vaccination rate of 80%.

3) They must be fully vaccinated with an Australian approved vaccine to be eligible for home quarantine.


Fully vaccinated Australians will soon be eligible for international travel without first seeking an exemption.

The government has announced that Australian citizens or permanent residents aged 12 and over who have received two doses of a recognised vaccine will be able to travel without needing an exemption.

New South Wales home quarantine trial.
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