Unvaccinated Arrivals into Australia.

Unvaccinated Arrivals into Australia.

The NSW Government had announced that unvaccinated passengers arriving into New South Wales will be required to undergo mandatory 14-days hotel quarantine.

The number of unvaccinated arrivals will also be limited to a maximum of 210 people per week.

This was effective from 1 November 2021.… Read the rest

Leaving Australia from 1 November 2021

Fully vaccinated can leave Australia.

Fully vaccinated Australian citizens and permanent residents will be allowed to travel overseas from 1 November 2021, without needing to apply for an exemption.

Australian citizens and permanent residents, that are NOT fully vaccinated, can still apply for an exemption to leave under existing rules.… Read the rest

Travel Exemption Statistics May 2021

Travel Exemptions Statistics for Australia Jan to May 2021.

Exemptions for Overseas Travel are currently required for many people travelling to or from Australia.

  • Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents are NOT allowed to LEAVE Australia unless they hold an Outbound Travel Exemption.
  • Temporary Visa Holders ARE allowed to LEAVE Australia
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Qatar Airways hopes for Permanent Brisbane-Doha flights

Qatar Airways Brisbane-Doha flights.

Qatar Airways hopes to permanently add Brisbane to its regular routes, after operating flights on a temporary basis between Doha and Brisbane, as one of the few airlines continuing to operate throughout the pandemic.

The airline hopes that the Brisbane government will consider their request to … Read the rest

Australian Home Quarantine from November 2021.

Who is eligible for Australian Home Quarantine from November 2021?

Australia is expected to partially re-open its international border from November 2021, but only for Australian Citizens and permanent residents.

To enable the travel restrictions, on Australians and permanent residents to be removed, depends on their eligibility for home quarantine … Read the rest