5,000 Extra Quarantine Places for Australia Arrivals

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New Repatriation Flights and extra 5,000 Quarantine Places.

Eight Qantas repatriation flights are being arranged to bring people home from London, New Delhi and Johannesburg over coming weeks.

These flights will assist in allowing 5,000 extra people to be able to complete their 14 days’ mandatory quarantine at the Howard Springs facility in Darwin.

It is estimated that there are still over 29,000 Australians trying to come home, and about 3,000 of those are considered to be vulnerable, and will have first priority for these repatriation flights.


A news report states that “The quarantine facility in Darwin will process about 1,000 international returnees a month, on a fortnightly rotation of 500 people.”

This means that it will take 5 months to handle the 5,000 arrivals.

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