AAMI Home Insurance Claim Details

AAMI Insurance.

I have been insured with AAMI for some years now, for our house buildings and contents, but I have just had my first insurance claimable event, and I would like to share it as it unfolds.

The following is the timeline of events, and will be added to as each stage unfolds:

25th June 7:17 am Friday

Insurable event occurs

25th June 9:30 am Friday

I contact repairer, and request them to visit and see what can be done to fix the problem.

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25th June 12:45 am Friday

Repairer arrives, attempts to fix the problem, but says a replacement is needed, due to the damage. He provides me with a written quote.

25th June 1:16 pm Friday

I ring AAMI and ask if the event is covered under my policy. The person answering the phone transfers me to a claims person. This person asks all the details, gives me a reference number, and advises me that an assessor will contact me, probably after the weekend. Total time on on the call was 6 minutes 5 seconds.

28th June Monday 9:16am

The AAMI assessor telephones me, checks the details, and requests the damage repair quote by fax, email or post. I say I will email it, and she requests my email address, so she can send me their email address (as I am on my mobile, and can’t write it down). This call takes under 5 minutes.

28th June Monday 9:23am

An email is sent from AAMI to me with the full contact details, and claim number confirmation

Now it is down to me to keep the speed of this up…. I need to scan the quote into the computer, and send it off, together with a couple of photographs.

29th June 2010 5.:50pm

I emailed the quote to AAMI, they did ask for photos, but I am having a difficulty with this, due to having tried to repair the damage myself, and it no longer being as obvious when looking at it. I should have taken a photo at the time, that would have been very clear. (that is something to consider when something goes wrong in future, grab some photos BEFORE doing any temporary fixing or clear ups).

6th July 2010 10:00am

The claims lady at AAMI rang me to chase up the photo that I hadn’t sent, and explained that as soon as they receive them, they can finalise my claim and pay the money into my bank account.

6th July 2010 10:10am

I take some photos, and resize them for emailing. Emailed at about 11:00am, with my bank account details.

next step…

22nd July 2010

The claim payment arrived in my bank 🙂

6th August 2010

I receive a customer satisfaction form from AAMI, to let them know of my claims experience, and any problems I may have had.

I gave them a very good rating, and only have one final dissatisfaction. I placed the form in the envelope, and licked the glue to seal it, and it tasted horrible…. Self Seal envelopes are very good value….

But as that is my only complaint, I am pretty sure I will be renewing that policy.

If you have an Insurance claim that you would like to share, please use the form at INSURANCE CLAIM EXPERIENCES to share your details. Positive experiences are most welcome, as most people only share Negative experiences.

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