After Hours GP Home Visits Bulk Billed

National Home Doctor Service.

13SICK (137425).


Tel: 13SICK (137425)



Doctors will visit from 6pm weeknights, 12 noon Saturday and all day Sunday and public holidays.

Call Centres are open from 4pm weeknights, 10am Saturday, all day Sunday and public holidays, to take bookings.

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National Home Doctor Service is a network of qualified doctors that provides bulk-billed after hours medical care to patients in their homes and in aged care facilities. Over 500 doctors in the network cared for over 800,000 patients in the last year (2014-15).

Some postcodes are only partially within the National Home Doctor Service boundary; a positive search result does not guarantee that your address is within service area. To confirm coverage please call 13 7425 (13 SICK).

All Medicare card holders are bulk billed.
That’s right, you will not be charged a fee for your home doctor visit if you have a Medicare card.
All DVA card holders are also bulk billed.

Overseas students will not be charged a fee for a home doctor visit, if they have health cover from Allianz, Medibank or Bupa.

If you do not have a Medicare card, you can still book a home doctor visit and pay by Visa or Mastercard. Speak to our customer service team to confirm the fee you will be charged.

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