Age Pension Increase March 2024.

Australia Age Pension Increases.

The Australian Age Pension increases every year in March and September.

Following the latest release of the cost of living figures from the ABS, it is expected that the maximum Australian Age Pension will increase, in March 2024, by:

  • $19.50 a fortnight for the single person rate. This means an increase from $1,096.70 up to $1,116.20.
  • $14.80 a fortnight for each eligible member of a couple. This means an increase from $826.70 up to $841.20.
    If both members of a couple are eligible, they would receive a combined aged pension of $1,682.80 from 20 March 2024. This is an increase of $29.60, going up from the previous $1,653.40 per fortnight.

The above are estimated amounts. The actual figures will be released by Centrelink once they have been finalised.

ABS: CPI Rates.

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