AstraZeneca 94 per cent Protection

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Recent research from the UK, where they have been administering up to around 430,000 vaccinations per day, has shown that the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine could reduce a person’s risk of being admitted to hospital by as much as 94 percent.

According to new research from Scotland, four weeks after receiving the initial dose, the Oxford jab appeared to reduce a person’s risk of hospital admission by up to 94 percent.

The same report shows that people who received the Pfizer jab had a reduction in risk of up to 85 percent between 28 and 34 days after the first dose.

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The United Kingdom has so far given 18.2 million vaccinations, working out about 27 doses per 100 people.


* In the UK, 436,774 vaccines were given on 9th Feb 2021.

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