AstraZeneca Vaccine Deaths.

Guardian News Fri 16 Apr 2021:

Australia records first death from blood clots likely linked to AstraZeneca Covid vaccine. NSW woman, 48, died this week after receiving vaccine on 8 April,

Guardian News 29 Apr 2021:

The head of Australia’s drug regulator says two recent deaths that occurred after receiving the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine are unlikely to be linked to the jab.

Statement by the head of the Therapeutic Goods Administration:

We do have to remember that sadly, every week in Australia 3,000 people die of all sorts of causes,” “In the weeks before they die, particularly if they are older people or if they are hospitalised, they may have had a number of medical interventions of different types, which may not include Covid vaccinations.” “This did not mean the vaccine caused their deaths” “I would strongly caution the public and the media in reaching any conclusion on the two fatality cases mentioned in the media.”

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How common are Blood Clots?

About 50 Australians every day, irrespective of their vaccination status, have blood clot incidences.

If one of those 50, who was going to have a blood clot even without the vaccination, has the vaccine, is it then classed as vaccine related?

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