At 70% Fully Vaccinated in Australia

Vaccination Transition Phase B.

Once 70% of the people in Australia are fully vaccinated, the government says that we can move to Phase B of the National Plan.

Seek to minimise serious illness,
hospitalisation and fatality as a result of COVID-19 with low level restrictions.

Measures may include:

  • Maintain high vaccination rates, encouraging uptake through incentives and other measures;
  • Minimise cases in the community through ongoing low-level restrictions and effective track and trace;
  • Lockdowns less likely but possible;
  • International border caps and low-level international arrivals, with safe and proportionate quarantine to minimise the risk of COVID entering;
  • Ease restrictions on vaccinated residents (TBD);
  • Restore inbound passenger caps at previous levels for unvaccinated returning travellers and larger caps for vaccinated returning travellers;
  • Allow capped entry of student and economic visa holders subject to quarantine arrangements and availability;
  • Introduce new reduced quarantine arrangements for vaccinated residents; and
  • Prepare/implement vaccine booster programme (depending on timing).

National Plan to transition Australia’s National COVID-19 Response.

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