Australia or Canada Immigration.

Some people consider both Australia and Canada as a possible country to migrate to.

Why do more people choose Canada?

Applying for permanent residency in Canada is relatively easier and has a faster visa processing time than Australia. It also costs less than an Australian visa.

Australia appears to make it harder for the lower skilled applications. Preferring to take the higher skilled.

Some lower skilled applications take so long to process that applicants then switch to Canada.

Canada v Australia Permanent Immigration.

In 2023, Canada plans to admit 465,000 new permanent residents.

Australia plans for only 265,000 new permanent residents in this year.

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Canada becomes more popular due to the higher number of available places.

Cost of spouse or partner visa.

Canada: Cost of Partner/Spouse Visa:
Sponsorship fee (C$75), principal applicant processing fee (C$490) and right of permanent residence fee (C$515).…/fees.asp

Australia: Cost of Partner/Spouse visa:
From A$8,085 for most applicants.…/fees-and-charges

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