Australian Citizenship Grants 2017-18

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Australian Citizenship Grants by Conferral in 2017-18.

80,649 people became Australian Citizens by conferral in the year 2017-18.  That was an average of 6,720 citizenship grants per month.

The largest nationality group was Indian, followed by the UK and the Philippines.  The numbers for the top ten nationalities were:

No. of people – Nationality

17,756 – India
13,874 – United Kingdom
4,925 – Philippines
3,368 – South Africa
3,264 – Sri Lanka
2,673 – Ireland
2,028 – South Korea
1,982 – Malaysia
1,842 – New Zealand
1,720 – China
27,217 – Other
80,649 – Total

However, 239,413 people applied for Australian citizenship by conferral in the period 1 June 2017 and 30 June 2018. That’s an average of 19,951 applications per month.

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Applications: an average of 19,951 applications per month.

Grants: an average of 6,720 citizenship grants per month.


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