Australian Fully Vaccinated Date

When will Australia be 90% Fully Vaccinated?

It is expected that 90% of eligible Australians will be fully vaccinated by the 17th November 2021, but at different dates for each area.

Based on the recent 7 day averages, the 90% fully vaccinated dates, for each state or territory, are expected to be:

NSW 29 Oct 2021
ACT 30 Oct 2021
Vic 15 Nov 2021
Tas 20 Nov 2021
QLD 19 Dec 2021
SA 21 Dec 2021
WA 24 Dec 2021
NT 4 Jan 2022


Is it true that NSW is fastest to be fully vaccinated because they got extra vaccinations from other States?

? 45% of Pfizer doses were distributed through the state’s primary healthcare network in late August, despite the state having only 32% of Australia’s population.

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? Labor premiers have condemned the federal government over what they claim is an ‘under the table’ deal that sent extra Pfizer doses to NSW. Is this true?

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