Queenslanders Coming Home October 2021

1,000 interstate Queenslanders coming home.

The first Queenslanders can return from NSW today, Monday 11th October 2021.

1,000 interstate Queenslanders can return to Queensland under a Home Quarantine trial from Monday 11th October 2021.

Between 5th September 2021 and 1st October 2021 there were 3,943 applications to enter Queensland, by Queenslanders, from a NSW hotspot.

It is not known how many are Queenslanders that were temporarily stuck outside the State, and how many were living interstate but want to relocate.

There were also 7,194 applications from interstate residents wanting to move to Queensland.

Some of those 3,943 applicants had left QLD for a short visit to NSW, knowing that they may be stuck, and not able to return, if lockdowns were imposed while they were away.

Unfortunately, that is what happened.

Many other Queenslanders consider themselves lucky in one way. They did did not risk leaving the safety of Queensland, and remained in their State. They did however lose out on being able to visit friends and relatives or to have an out of State holiday.

I personally know some who chose to stay in Queensland, and not visit elderly relatives in NSW, even knowing of the risk of never seeing them again.

They had two reasons in deciding to stay home.

  1. Not risk travelling, contracting Covid and giving it to their elderly relative.
  2. Not risk travelling and being unable to return to Queensland.

I would estimate there could be many tens of thousands who chose safety, and stayed local, in QLD, instead of taking those risks. My own oldest relative is in NSW while I am stuck in Queensland, albeit with freedom to do almost anything I need here. I have no idea when it will be safe to visit NSW again.

Home Quarantine Rules

Some of the rules for the home quarantine trial are:

  • Must have been double vaccinated at least 14 days ago.
  • Must have a negative Covid-19 test 72 hours before travelling.
  • Must live in a free-standing house within two hours of Brisbane airport.
  • Must have 2 weeks worth of groceries in the house.
  • Must quarantine alone, or have the entire household quarantine with them.
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