Australian Unemployment April 2022.

Australian Unemployment rate in April 2022.

The Australian Unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since 1974.

According to the ABS, the Australian Unemployment rate fell to 3.85% in April 2022.

The number of Employed people rose to 13,401,700 from the 13,397,700 in March 2022. That is an increase of 4,000 employed people.

The number of Unemployed people decreased to 537,100 from the 548,000 unemployed in March 2022. That is a reduction of 11,000 unemployed people.

In April 2022, full-time employment increased by 92,400 to 9,342,900 people, and part-time employment decreased by 88,400 to 4,058,800 people.

The number of Full Time employed people rose to 9,342,900 from March 2022. That is an increase of 92,400 employed people.

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The number of Part Time employed people decreased to 4,058,800 from March 2022. That is a reduction of 88,400 unemployed people.

It would appear that many part time workers might have resumed full time work, following the relaxation of pandemic rules.

Unemployment rate by State April 2022.

  • 3.5% New South Wales
  • 4.2% Victoria
  • 4.5% Queensland
  • 4.5% South Australia
  • 2.9% Western Australia
  • 3.8% Tasmania
  • 4.1% Northern Territory
  • 3.1% Australian Capital Territory
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