Australian Unions want Working Holiday visas scrapped.

The Australian Workers’ Unions, the Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association and the Transport Workers’ Union are calling for the
working holiday visa (WHV) programs to be scrapped.

They want these jobs to be filled by Australians.

However, not all ‘unions’ think the same, the National Farmers’ Federation has dismissed this proposal as a “short-sighted, juvenile, headline-grabbing stunt”.

The farmers federation says that farmers would always prefer to employ Australians.

One problem is that few Australians want these farm jobs.

But, not all WHV holders work on farms, there are those that work in the cities, in cafes and restaurants, etc. These ones might take jobs from locals.

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The Unions need to focus their point on a tighter aspect of this, and not encompass ALL Working Holiday visas.

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