Australian University Graduates Finding Work

University graduates battle for employment.

It has been stated that only 68.1% of the 2014 bachelor degree graduates were in full-time employment after 4 months.

That is the average, but a PDF report at Graduate Careers breaks this down a bit.

60.9% of Graduates from a non-English speaking background had full time work
76.6% of Graduates with an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background had full time work

Another grouping showed
72.9% of Regional resident Graduates had full time work
66.5% of Capital city resident Graduates had full time work

These figures relate only to Australian Citizens or Residents. Overseas students have much lower work rates.

I arrived in Australia in 1986 when 90.6% of Bachelor degree graduates were working full-time, as a proportion of those available for full-time employment.
By 2014 that figure has dropped to 68.1%.

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Those studying Medicine dropped from 99.7% to 97.5%, so a reasonably safe course option, as with Pharmacy, from 97.6% down to 94.1%.
However, those studying Visual/Performing Arts, dropped from 71.4% down to 44.7%
Life Sciences also saw a drop from 80.5% to 48%.

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