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Progress Times for an Australian Visa Application.

An Australian visa application will be classified at a number of different stages between submission and grant finalisation

The main stages of a Visa application are: Incomplete, Ready to Submit, Awaiting payment, Submitted, Application Received, Assessment in progress, Information requested, Further Assessment and Finalised.

The initial stages will be “Incomplete – You have started an online application but you have not completed the form”
and “Ready to Submit – You have completed the online application form but have not yet paid the application charge, or have saved the application without submitting”

Some applications also get this stage ” Awaiting payment – You have indicated that you have paid the application charge via BPay and we are waiting for the bank to confirm that the payment has been processed”. This can take a few days.

The next stage will be “Submitted – Your application has been submitted and received by the department”
followed by “Application Received – Your application has been received and will be assessed within advertised application processing time frames”

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Your application can be held at that stage for many months for some Visa types, depending on the size of the waiting list for that visa.

After that you will move to either: “Information requested” or “Finalised“, depending on how well you prepared the application. Most people go to “Information requested“.

Information requested – An immigration officer has assessed the application and found that more information is required, and has requested that further evidence from you.

Then, after you have provided the requested information you may go to: “Assessment in progress” or “Further Assessment”. The department may proceed to make a decision on your application, or request further information, putting you back to the “Information requested” stage, again.

Eventually you get to:

Finalised – A decision has been made on the application. You will be notified of the decision by email or post”

Flow Chart from Immigration.


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