Australians Blocked from Travelling to India.

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Australians, and Australian Permanent residents, who are desperate to go to India are being blocked by the COVID-19 travel ban.

The most common effect of the recent travel ban, specifically the rules concerning India, is that no one could travel from India to Australia for a two week period.

But there are some who can’t understand why they are being blocked from going from Australia to India at the moment.

They ask questions such as “How am I posing a risk to Australia by leaving this country?

Some say that they are willing to wait as long as it takes, to return to Australia, and pose no risk by leaving the country.

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Unfortunately there are others who travelled from Australia to India, and who now want to return earlier than anticipated.

Court cases are currently ongoing for both reasons of Legality and Humanitarian grounds to allow people to return, even though they may have agreed not to return when they applied for a travel ban exemption.

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