40 COVID cases refused boarding from India.

Repatriation Flights from India to Australia are resuming on Saturday 15th May 2021.

The first flight had 150 vulnerable Australians booked to return to Australia.

About 40 of these have now tested positive for COVID, and are not able to board tomorrow’s flight, 15th May 2021.

Another 30 are classed as close contacts, and are also refused boarding.

This means that almost half of those booked on the flight are not able to return to Australia.

The numbers of Australians in India that are registered to return home are now about 10,000, with almost 1,000 being classed as vulnerable.

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Some of these vulnerables are Australian children, whose parents had previously left them in India with their grandparents.

There are difficulties with unaccompanied children flying and quarantining alone.

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