Do some Overseas Arrivals fake COVID tests?

Some reports are saying that some passengers on repatriation flights from India were presenting fake COVID test results to be permitted to board flights back to Australia.

This, if correct, might be the reason that the very high number of arrivals from India, in Australian quarantine, tested positive.

This high number also caused the temporary ban on all arrivals from India.

With the new repatriation flights resuming from 15th May 2021, and using Australian tests, the rate of COVID infected passengers on the first flight is seven times as many as previous flights.

About half of the first flight are being refused boarding due to the COVID positive passengers.

From the original 150 passengers, it is reported that 73 are not being alloeed to board.

Using those figures, under the previous local testing system, only about 10 would have been refused, meaning about 63 or more, infected passengers could have arrived in Australia.

Example Reports
Indians are using fake reports to travel

Flyers with negative covid 19 reports found positive

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