Average Wages 2009 May Australia

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Australian Average Wages May 2009

Figures released on 13th August 2009 show the May 2009 average wages as follows:

Trend Estimates (before the addition of the 9% Super)

Full Time Adult earnings

  • Ordinary time earnings $1,197.50 pw ($62,270 pa)
  • Total earnings (inc overtime) $1,243.50 pw ($64,662 pa)

Full Time Total earnings

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  • Male $1,346.10 pw (69,997 pa)
  • Female $1,074.80 pw ($55,890 pa)

Full-time adult total earnings rose by 5.6% for males and 5.0% for females, in the twelve months to May 2009.

This information is sourced from: ABS

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