Beer Prices to hit $15 a pint?

How much does Beer cost?

Beer prices in Australia: A news article is saying that the cost of a pint of beer is set to soar to $15, due to a 4 cent increase in the beer tax.

The news headline is:

$15 a pint: Beer tax increase set to see prices soar.

With the story including the following statements.

From today, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has increased the excise duty rates pubs and clubs must pay on the purchase of alcoholic beverages.

The tax on a keg will rise by around $4, meaning the tax for a pint will rise from 80 cents to 84 cents.

This is not sustainable for pubs and clubs.

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Beer price in Australia

Another statement was:
This is a problem that the new Treasurer has inherited from its [the Government’s] predecessors and there are many competing demands on the Budget.”

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