Petrol Prices in Australia May-June 2022

Petrol Prices in SE Queensland May 2022 to June 2022.

Petrol prices have been rising recently, quite substantially compared to previous years.

My 2022 average cost for E10 Petrol (January to May) has been:

  • an average of $1.67 per litre. (25% rise from 2021)

It is 29% higher than the … Read the rest

Unemployment Benefit in Australia 2022

How Good is Unemployment Benefit in Australia?

Compared to many other countries, the Unemployment benefit in Australia, currently called Jobseeker, is quite reasonable. Not enough to live comfortably on, but better than nothing.

There are many stories in the news, especially around election times, saying how low it is, and … Read the rest

Annualised Wage Growth in Australia

How Wage Growth Compares over years.

The following chart, from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, shows each quarters annualised wage growth percentages.

The latest figures of 2.4%, released for the year ended March 2022, is the equal highest, in the years covered, with the December 2018 year which was also … Read the rest

Australian Median Incomes Labor and Liberal

Australian Median Incomes by Government.

Have wages really risen higher under a Coalition Lib/Nat government than under Labor?

On 7 September 2013, Liberal won the Federal Election.

During the 8 years of this Liberal government, the Median Full Time Weekly wage rose from $1,150 to $1,499. That is an … Read the rest