How Much Power does 3kWh Solar System Produce

Average Household Solar Power Production.

Averages for household solar power production vary based on various factors. These can include the direction that solar panels face, and their location in Australia. Shade from trees or other building cans also affect the solar production.  And of course, the number of solar panels … Read the rest

Average Australian Electricity – Daily Consumption

How much Electricity does an Average Household use?.

In my area, the average daily Electricity consumption figures show:

For the Quarter that includes September and October
1 person household uses 8 kWh per day
2 person household uses 12 kWh per day
3 person household uses 14 kWh per day… Read the rest

Average Australian Electricity Bills November 2018

How much is the Average Australian Electric Bill?.

Between $243 and $527 per quarter?

The average bill will obviously vary enormously depending on the household size, but fortunately some of the Electricity providers state the average daily power consumption for households of different sizes.

My last Electricity bill states that … Read the rest