2024 Queensland Electricity Rebate.

Queensland $1,000 Electric Bill Rebate.

The Queensland government has announced that all Queensland households will receive a $1,000 rebate on their electricity bills from July 2024.

This replaces the $550 electricity rebate that was paid to households in the 2023/24 financial year.

Eligible seniors, pensioners and concession card holders will … Read the rest

Electricity Costs in Australia 2023

Australian Electricity Costs 2023.

With many Australians expecting Electricity price rises from 1 July 2023, it has been reported that these increases will range from about 20% to 30%.

South Australia Electricity Rises.

  • AGL customers can expect rises of 29.8% or about $565 per year.
  • Origin customers can expect rises
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Electricity Rebate for Queenslanders 2023-24.

Queensland Concession Card Electricity Rebate.

Concession card holders in Queensland will still receive the normal $372 concession on their Electricity bill, together with the new $550 Electricity rebate, and the $150 cost-of-living payment, during 2023-2024.

This adds up to a benefit of $1,072 for the year, to offset their Electricity … Read the rest

Up to $500 off Power Bills 2023/24.

Australian Energy Bill Relief 2023.

Some Australian households will be eligible for a rebate on their Electricity bills in 2023/24

This was announced in the 2023-24 Australian Federal Budget, to compensate for the unacceptable energy price rises because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

This rebate will be available to those … Read the rest

Solar Panel owners subsidising Power Companies

Are Solar Panel owners subsidising Power Companies?

According to a Queensland Conservation Council (QCC) energy engineer, “Queenslanders with rooftop solar panels are effectively subsidising power companies”.

That was a statement that I heard on the news yesterday, with figures quoted being that Queenslanders with rooftop solar panels get paid around … Read the rest