Electricity Bill for Aged Pensioners in Australia

Pensioner Electricity Bill Example

For the Quarter: March to May 2021, with usage of 1,108.5 kWh of power used in total (both Grid supplied and Solar), this is an example of a very recent period for a 2 person home, during the Autumn season.

Breakdown of the 3 Months Power bill.

$310.69 Cost of grid supplied Electricity usage.
$106.72 Standing charges.
$417.41 Total Bill at normal rates.

$ 87.00 Supplier pay on Time Discount.

$330.42 Normal Bill to be paid.

$176.27 Solar Panels (3.5kWh) savings .

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$154.15 Electricity Bill before Pensioner discounts.

$ 85.56 Aged Pensioner discounts.

$ 68.59 Actual amount payable.

A normal bill for someone who has NOT shopped around for the best provider, and who does not have Solar, and is not an eligible Aged pensioner would pay $417.41 for that quarters bill.

A pensioner, with Solar, and a good supplier would save $348.82, and only pay $68.59 for the quarter.

If they had a Solar system of twice that size, a 6 or 7 kWh system, they would be getting a refund each quarter, not having to pay a bill.

Average Electricity Consumption in Australia:

  • An average Australian one person home consumes 12.3kWh per day.
  • An average Australian two person home consumes 15.4kWh per day.
  • An average Australian three person home consumes 18.4kWh per day.
  • An average Australian four person home consumes 21.5kWh per day.
  • An average Australian five person home consumes 24.5kWh per day.
  • An average Australian six person home consumes 27.6kWh per day.

The example above, for a 2 person home, used an average of 12.05 kWh per day, for the March to April quarter. The average for the last 12 months was 12.4 kWh per day, not much of a difference.

Average daily Electricity usage in different seasons was:

  • 11.2 kWh per day in Winter and Spring
  • 15.1 kWh per day in Summer
  • 12.0 kWh per day in Autumn

Average Consumption irrespective of family size:

  • An average Australian family home consumes 19KWh per day.
  • An average UK family home consumes 10.3KWh per day.
  • An average European family home consumes 9.9KWh per day.
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