International Call rates from Australian Mobile Phones

How much is a 10 minute Overseas call from Australia?

Overseas call rates from Australia vary depending on which Phone Operator you use.

The current 10 minute call rates to the United Kingdom, as one example are:

  • $5.90 to a UK Landline using Telstra: $0.40 connection fee, plus $0.55 per
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Aldi Strawberry Jam takes Second Place in Best Strawberry Jams

Aldi with their Grandessa Signature Strawberry Premium Jam took the second place, with 74%, in the Choice testing of Strawberry Jam, but were beaten to first place by Beerenberg Australia Strawberry Jam, with 75%, although that one being one of the more expensive products tested.

Woolworths Essentials Strawberry Jam … Read the rest

How has the Toilet Roll 1 Pack per Customer Rule Worked?

Most supermarkets recently implemented rules limiting some sales to customers.  The main one has been the 1 pack of toilet paper per customer.

This has been brought about due to some people going in first thing in the mornings and emptying the shelves, often within 30 minutes of the store … Read the rest

Call Rates to Philippines from Australian Mobile Phones

Phoning the Philippines from Australia.

The cost to make a phone call, from Australia to the Philippines can vary a lot, depending which phone provider you use.
A 10 minute call, using the rates from the four providers shown below, could vary between $1.00 and $15.20, depending on which Telco … Read the rest

ALDI People’s Picks Awards 2019

2019 ALDI People’s Picks Awards.

Aldi Australia has released their top 10 winners of the People’s Picks Awards 2019

Their top products, chosen by their customers are:

Alcohol: South Pinot Estate Rosé – $4.99

Baby: Mamia Fragrance Free Baby Wipes 80pk – $1.89

Bakery: Bakers Life Lower Carb, Higher Protein Read the rest