Vision Direct Special Offers April-May 2022

A few Special Offers from Vision Direct.

The Vision Direct range of glasses includes women’s glasses and men’s glasses as well as a range of kids glasses, available for both regular and prescription lenses. All styles are selected from the world’s best and most popular brands including Ray-Ban and Oakley.… Read the rest

Supermarket Grocery Prices October 2021

Comparison of Australian supermarket shopping costs.

ALDI again has the cheaper grocery prices in Australia, according to a Choice report in October 2021.

Budget Basket:

  • $67.18 ALDI
  • $72.89 Woolworths
  • $72.93 Coles

Own Brands Basket:

  • $80.75 ALDI
  • $86.93 Woolworths
  • $87.56 Coles

Major Brands Basket:

  • $141.83 Woolworths
  • $142.79 IGA
  • $145.23 Coles

More … Read the rest