Supermarket Grocery Prices October 2021

Comparison of Australian supermarket shopping costs.

ALDI again has the cheaper grocery prices in Australia, according to a Choice report in October 2021.

Budget Basket:

  • $67.18 ALDI
  • $72.89 Woolworths
  • $72.93 Coles

Own Brands Basket:

  • $80.75 ALDI
  • $86.93 Woolworths
  • $87.56 Coles

Major Brands Basket:

  • $141.83 Woolworths
  • $142.79 IGA
  • $145.23 Coles

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ALDI People’s Picks Awards 2019

2019 ALDI People’s Picks Awards.

Aldi Australia has released their top 10 winners of the People’s Picks Awards 2019

Their top products, chosen by their customers are:

Alcohol: South Pinot Estate Rosé – $4.99

Baby: Mamia Fragrance Free Baby Wipes 80pk – $1.89

Bakery: Bakers Life Lower Carb, Higher Protein Read the rest

Food Costs in Australia: Use a Butcher or a Supermarket?

Food Costs in Australia: Use a Butcher or a Supermarket to buy your Meat?.

Many people do their grocery shopping at a Supermarket, and don’t shop around at the other smaller specialist shops, such as a local Butcher.

Not all areas have a butcher that caters for a reasonable price, … Read the rest