Cost of Rice in Australia April 2021

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Rice, although not as common in Australia, as in some countries, is still a popular shopping item.

The Australian Sunrice Medium Grain Calrose Rice is a very popular rice option, and is normally about $3 to $3.50 per kg, depending on the size you buy.

The 1 kg bag is normally $3.50 and the 10kg bag is often seen at $32, but sometimes down to $24 a bag. I know that it will appear every few weeks at $16, and I much prefer to pay $1.60 per kg for rice, rather than $3.20.

So I wait for the special and buy enough to last until the next special.  A 10kg bag is usually sufficient.

These are the Woolworths prices this week.  I am pretty sure that Coles had it at the same price two weeks ago.

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Sunrice Medium Grain Rice

The 1 kg bag is rarely discounted, but the 10kg one is a regular on the half price list.

If running low on rice, I will keep an eye open for the special and buy a 10kg bag or two.

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