Price of Coffee in Sydney

How much is a cup of Coffee in Sydney?

The price of coffee depends where you buy it. Would you make a fuss about paying $8.30 for a cup of coffee?

I wouldn’t like to pay $8.30 in a Hungry Jacks or MacDonalds, but what about in a high class 5 star hotel?

If the cheapest room is $799 per night, parking is $80 extra and internet an additional $16, paying $8.30 for a coffee sounds rather cheap.

A tiktok story caused me to check into more detail.

$8.30 cup of coffee

This is the original post, showing the lawyers surprise at being charged $8.30 for a coffee.

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$8.30 cup of coffee

This is a small example of the type of establishment that she chose to get her coffee, at the Crown Towers, Sydney. The Epitome of Opulence.

$8.30 cup of coffee

This is the cost of their cheapest room, if you want to stay one night there.

$8.30 cup of coffee

This is the breakdown of that cost. It presumably includes another coffee in the breakfast.

$8.30 cup of coffee

Price of Coffee at Hungry Jacks.

The price of Coffee at Hungry Jacks is cheaper, with their Barista Coffee being $4.95, for varieties such as: Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White, Long Black, Hot Chocolate, Mocha and Chai Latte.
The may still also do their $1 coffee.

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