Leaving Subclass 186 Employer

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Leaving your employer when holding a Subclass 186 visa.

When considering leaving a Subclass 186 Employer, it can be noted that it is NOT a visa condition that you stay with your sponsor for two years.

It is also NOT a visa condition that your sponsor employs you for two years.

However it IS a visa requirement, on both Applicant and Sponsor, that it is the INTENTION for the position to be in place and occupied, by the applicant, for two years.

If proof is supplied that the applicant’s intention was NOT to stay for two years, then the applicant might have issues and the visa might be cancelled. It could also affect a future citizenship application.

If proof is supplied that the employer did not intend to employ for the full two years, the employer could be sanctioned.

The Immigration Department retains the discretion to revoke or cancel a subclass 186 visa if you provide incorrect and misleading information to them, or if you have not made a genuine effort to work in the role.

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