Woolworths Cash-Out Changes.

Cash Out at Woolworths.

From September 2023, Woolworths will be reducing their maximum Cash-Out option at the till down to $200.  This appears to be a reduction from the previous $500 limit.

Part of the reason is due to less cash being available these days, due to fewer people choosing to pay by cash, and consequently each till not having enough cash to cope with the higher withdrawals.

Some reports show that only about one third of grocery shoppers use cash these days. Many of these might only be for small transactions.

For example, if I buy for under $10, I would normally use cash, but for everything thing else I would use a credit card (No Fees and No Interest, as I pay in full on time every month.)

With banks closing their branches, and even removing their ATMs, this might make getting larger amounts of cash out a bit harder in the future.


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