ALDI Mobile $99 One Year Super Pack

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ALDImobile 1 Year Super Packs.

The ALDI Mobile 1 Year Super Packs gives you Unlimited standard calls and SMS for a full year, as well as a 15GB data allowance included. Adequate for small users.

The plan has a 365 days expiry period, and can be used as a NEW ALDI Mobile connection or a recharge for an existing ALDI Mobile number.

The pack includes an ALDImobile SIM card (in case you do not already have one).

The pack comes with two ‘activation’ numbers, and you use one of them:

  1. An activation code. This will activate the sim card in the pack, if you choose to use it as a new SIM.
  2. A Recharge/Voucher code, to be used for an existing ALDI mobile. Use the ALDI app on your phone and select quick recharge. Do NOT select one of the $25/$35 etc plans. I tried to recharge through my computer, but could not find an option. Much better in the Mobile App.

It looks like this in the box:

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ALDI Mobile $99 SuperPack

After recharge, the account should look like this:

ALDI Mobile One Year Super Pack

You can set up Auto Recharge, to avoid needing to buy a new one at ALDI at the odd times that they sell them.  Not easy to get even when they have their sale.  They were last available on 24th June 2020.  Prior to that I saw it on 19th December 2019.

You do not require a current ALDImobile Pay As You Go (PAYG) base plan, except that you will not be able to use features that are not included in the plan charge (e.g. video MMS) unless you also have some PAYG credit.

NOTE: This Super Pack can be added to a ‘Pay As You Go’ plan. If you have an existing Mobile Plan or Data Plan and select this Super Pack, you will forfeit any remaining credits and or data on the previous plan.

From the above, I would assume that an ALDI Mobile customer with the $15 365 day PAYG Plan, can add the $99 Super Pack, and keep any balance of the previous $15 credit.


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