Best Low Carb High Protein Sliced Bread?

ALDI: Bakers Life, Low Carb – High Protein Bread.

Most breads have around 17 grams of carbohydrate per slice, but this Bakers Life brand, only available at ALDI stores, has only 2.5g per slice.

With 11.8g of protein in every slice, this bread keeps you full for longer. An average Sandwich Bread might have 3g of protein, while a more expensive ‘quality’ bread might have 5 or 6 grams.

It has 55% more fibre than most bread and 50% less sugar. It also has a 5 star health rating.

Carbohydrate per 100g = 5.4g
Protein per 100g = 25.6g
Fibre per 100g = 11.6g
11 slices + 2 crusts per 600 gram loaf

100 grams would be just over 2 slices of this bread, as 2 slices weigh 92 grams.

This product is one of the ALDI People’s Picks Awards of 2019.

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Bakers Life Low Carb High Protein Bread

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