Best Australian Laundry Washing Powder and Liquid

Have you ever heard of the “Powder of Four” ?.

It appears to be a very cost effective Laundry Powder, coming first in a Today Tonight testing with the top result being:

For front loaders, outperforming the rest for a cleaner wash and value for money at 27 cents per load, is the ‘Power of 4’ powder made by Chesser Chemicals for Chris Koutaris.

Powders, rather than liquids, were also best for top loaders with Cold Power Advanced and Power of 4 taking 1st and 2 place.

Where to buy this Power of 4 Laundry Powder:

Mr Dishwasher, 230 Pulteney St, Adelaide, South Australia 5000
Telephone: 08 8223 1146

Barwon Cleaning Supplies, 9 Crown Street, Geelong South, Victoria 3220.
Telephone: 03 5221-2944

Priced at $49.00 for 250 washes (Nov 2010) That was 19.6c per wash by my reckoning, maybe the test used a smaller pack.

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Power of 4 Laundry Powder
$49.00 Power of 4 Laundry Powder

Power of 4 Front Loader Laundry Washing Powder
$42.00 Power of 4 Front Loader

More of the Laundry Powder options at: Detergents

Chesser Chemicals is a 100% owned Australian company based in Ferryden Park, South Australia. They are quoted as being the manufacturer of this laundry powder.

Test Results, based on wash quality, with the cost per wash included.

Front Loaders

  1. $0.27 ‘Power of 4’ powder
  2. $0.44 Cold Power Advanced Liquid
  3. $0.50 Dynamo with Sard
  4. $0.42 Omo Powder and Liquid
  5. $0.42 Radiant’s Micro Max Powder
  6. $0.39 Radiant Micro Max Liquid
  7. $0.33 Omo Small and Mighty Liquid
  8. $0.30 Ultra Concentrate Powder
  9. $0.23 Surf Powder
  10. $0.28 Drive Powder

Top Loaders

  1. $0.51 Cold Power Advanced
  2. $0.44 Power of 4
  3. $0.45 Omo Small and Mighty
  4. $0.27 Drive Concentrate
  5. $0.59 Cold Power Advanced Liquid
  6. $0.48 Dynamo with Sard
  7. $0.27 Radiant Micro Max Liquid
  8. $0.28 Woolworths Select Ultra Concentrate Liquid
  9. $0.26 Woolworths Select Concentrate Powder
  10. $0.24 Surf Small and Mighty Powder
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