Brisbane’s 3 Day Lockdown. Jan 2021

Was Brisbane’s 3 Day Lockdown needed?

Australian National University infectious diseases expert Peter Collignon has said that Brisbane’s short lockdown would not advantage health authorities.

He said “The average incubation period is five days, and mostly it can go out to 12 or even 14 days. If you’re going to do a lockdown to stop spread, you usually have to do it for at least 10, probably 14 days and maybe 28 days, and I don’t think that would have been justified.”

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young agreed with the second statement, a 14 or 28 day lockdown would not have been justified.

She just wanted 3 days, with as few people as possible meeting others, while the health authorities located all the close contacts of the person with this new highly contagious UK variant of COVID.

Greater Brisbane was locked down for three days,  Saturday 8th January 2021 to Monday 11th January 2021.

This gave the authorities time to locate the close contacts,  and quarantine them, before too much virus spread could occur.  It reduced the opportunity for virus spread by keeping most people home.

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The infectious diseases expert Peter Collignon, presumably did not think it important enough to try to protect Brisbane from possible infection during these 3 days, Saturday to Monday.

Most in Brisbane were OK with doing something short, and try to avoid a virus spread such as Victoria experienced last year.

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